Team Member Hiring FAQ

Dolly’s Maid Service knows that finding a career is hard work. We want you to be well informed of our hiring process and our company.

How often do you hire?
Dolly’s Maid Service is a growing company. You may have noticed that we post our hiring opportunities often. We rarely hire to replace current team members (we hardly have anyone, leave), however because we are growing we hire consistently.

Will I get a Phone Call?
We appreciate everyone one that applies. We know that you took your time to fill out an application and we will take careful consideration to review everyone. Because of the benefits and work environment, Dolly’s Maid Service offers, we receive hundreds of applications a week for only 1 or 2 positions. The hiring manager reviews all applications. The hiring manager will then only call the top qualified candidates. If you do not receive a call within one month of your application, we suggest you put in another application to let us know that you are still interested.

Do you really pay $11-$13.50 an hour?
No tricks, no hoops, we pay the same rate from the clock in to clock out, unlike other maid services that only pay a higher rate for actual cleaning time. The first week or 2 of training will be paid $10.00 an hour, then you go to $11.00 while on 90-day probation. After probation, you will get raises, bonuses, and all benefits. Every person we have ever hired full time has averaged between $400.00-$500.00 a week gross after their 90 days.

Who takes out the taxes?
Dolly’s Maid Service takes out our side of the taxes. In order to “save on taxes” some business try to make their people 1099 independent contractors when they are not. We do not play this game (the IRS hurts when you get this wrong!), none of our people have to pay the self-employment tax.

Do you really work full time?
Our full time is between 35 and 40 hours a week. Have you tried cleaning houses for 9+ hours every day? You would be burned out! We try to average you 7-8 hours a day 5 days a week.

What kind of job advancement is there?
Every cleaning tech has the opportunity to become a team leader. We don’t put a limit on the number of people in these positions, therefore anyone can achieve these positions if they #1 want to advance, #2 has great quality, and #3 has a great attitude. Each position has its own perks including more pay.

What holidays do I get off?
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, and New Year’s Day are the days we are closed for holidays. Of course, any holiday that lands on Saturday or Sunday (such as Easter) we are closed anyway.

Why do you offer bonuses and PTO earning potential?
We offer bonuses for a job well done because we care about our Team Members. This is hard work and you should be paid for your hard work. Dolly’s Maid Service shares its profits with its Team Members because it is the right thing to do. Many other businesses’ see what they can take from their employees and as a consequence, they lose their people. As Team Members, we all work together and we all make our paychecks together.

Do I need Experience?
No, we hire people with all types of cleaning experience. No matter your experience level, all of our new Team Members go through the same training. About 20% of the people we hire have experience with some type of cleaning, that means that 80% of the people here have never cleaned professionally. Dolly’s Maid Service is looking for excellent people not your experience at cleaning.

How Long is Your Hiring Process?
If you are the right fit for our team, you can get hired as soon as 1 week from submitting your application. However, our hiring process is very extensive. On average Dolly’s Maid Service takes 1 month to find our next Team Member. We only hire the top qualifying candidates who fit in with the rest of the team. This process takes around a month as we interview many people to find that great fit.

What does Your Hiring Process Include?

Be prepared for a lengthy process that includes:

Several interviews
Reference check
Drug test
Background check
Driving record

Tell Me About Your Benefits.

We have covered some of them already such as pay and full-time work. Here is an overview of some other benefits.

Earned Paid Time Off – You can earn up to 8 days paid time off so our team members can take some time to their selves. Of course, we are extremely good at giving other requested time off that is not paid, but we feel you should not have the pressure of deciding if you can take some time off or paying your bills.

Tips – After training, we do get tips especially at Christmas time.

No Nights, No Weekends – Most people have worked nights or worked on the weekend, and frankly, it gets tiring fast. Our biggest goal is to make a stable schedule so you can make plans. If you don’t know what your work schedule is, how are you going to plan your life outside of work? We tell you Monday through Friday from 8:05 am to 4:30 pm not only to give you full-time work but so you can do those things that are important to you. Daycare, barbecues, movie nights, weekend trips, parties, etc. can easily be planned.

Other Stuff – There are so many items to talk about, the full list of benefits are not here! Monthly prizes and provided snacks and drinks are just some of the items we offer to say THANK YOU to our hard-working team.

Tell Me About Your Qualifications.

Do you have your own transportation? – Everyone drives their own car to the office, you must have your own reliable car.
Is your vehicle properly insured for the State of Ohio? – Team Leaders will be driving every day, you must have insurance.
Do you have a valid Drivers License? – Again, a valid license is needed because you will be driving every day. If your license is expired it is no longer valid.
Can you pass a criminal background check and a full drug screen? – We take this very seriously. Not at what your past holds, but how honest you are on your application. Failure to disclose anything on a background check means that we will stop your hiring process. We reserve the right to do a full drug test at any time and this may include either hair follicle or fingernail tests. We test all drugs which are illegal or abused in the United States (including Marijuana).
Can you provide proof that you can legally work in the United States? – Dolly’s Maid Service only hires legal persons who can work in the United States.
Are you willing to work full time (7:50 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday)? Some part-time may be available.
Are you 21 years of age or over? – We only hire people that are at least of 21 years of age or over.
Are you able to perform the tasks associated with cleaning houses including standing for 8 hours, walking up and down stairs, bending, kneeling, and lifting 50 pounds? – You will be working very hard at physical work, you must be able to do the physical work needed to complete the task.
Do you have good eyesight? You need to be able to see dirt.
Many of our clients have beloved pets, you must NOT be allergic to or afraid of them to work for us.
Where do I have to drive to? Our office is in Macedonia, Ohio

Dolly’s Maid Service is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and will not discriminate on any legally recognized basis, including, but not limited to: age, physical ability, national origin, race, religion, sex, or any other legally protected status.

What can I do to Capture Your Attention?
Be yourself! We are looking for people who are honest and trustworthy. If you try to “fake” your application we will know from our extensive hiring process. We want to get to know you, not a fake person, just tell us about you.

The Position Sounds too Good to be True, Why?
Do not let all the information go to your head. As a Team Member, you have more responsibility than if you were an employee. Your fellow Team Mates count on you to do your job. If you fail to do your job, everyone is hurt. Since we are all in this adventure together, we win together and we lose together.